Rent to Own Income documetation needed by Landlord and or Investor

Last modified December 11, 2021

The Income documentation needed for a rent to buy agreement will generally be the following documents.

  • For Salary/Hourly Pay individuals, most recent pay stub (must be most recent within 30 days)
  • For Independent Contractors such as 1099 individuals, Most recent pay stub or pay invoice with a year to date total amount (must be recent within 30 days) possibly accept 3 months of most recent pay stub/invoices or bank statements
  • For self Empoyed individuals, 3 most recent months of bank statements, Proof of Business Ownership. This can be a document from the Secretary of State, a recent tax return, or any official document that shows both your name and the name of your registered business.
  • For individuals recieving Alimony or Social Security, Court order documents, 3 most recent months proof of payment SSI or VA Benefits Most recent Benefits Letter (dated within 1 year), Year end SSA-1099, or Year end 1099-R(must be most recent within 30 days)
  • People who recently got a new job in the last 3 months, last pay stub from previous job, most recent pay stub from current job
  • Please ensure that your name, employer name, pay dates, and amounts are clear and legible on each document